Goodbye, friends.

River City Vanguard is done. The org itself, not its spirit or what it means to us.

When a handful of us started RCV in 2021, the idea was to have a co-op - a way to collaborate on community issues. No hierarchy, officers, or structure. It was meant to allow anyone with the energy and drive to start projects and get others' help in making real change in the community.

As the past couple of years have shown, however, only the same small handful of folks had consistently been organizing events and projects. It has been very frustrating for some of us to keep doing this and our energy is all but drained.

  • RCV as an org has ceased and all vetting has stopped.
  • This website has been taken down permanently.
  • The Instagram account has been deleted.
  • The CashApp funds will be used to pay for the community garden plot and buy some supplies for it, then the remainder will be donated to a local org.

Thank you to everyone who participated in mutual aid, range days, or simply showed your support via social media.

P.S. The River City Vanguard name will no longer be used by us, so any social media account claiming to be RCV can be assumed to be fake.